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The team at Which Electric Car Australia are passionate about electric cars and believe more and more that the future of transport of all types is electric. Electric cars have been seen as something that are a niche market but consumers and governments across the world are changing that.

In just a few years time in parts of Europe you will be unable to buy a petrol or diesel car! For example Norway has set a target of only allowing sales of 100% electric or plug-in hybrid cars by 2025. The Netherlands has mooted a 2025 ban for diesel and petrol cars, and some federal states in Germany are keen on a 2030 phase-out. The UK and France have announced a ban by 2040.

Car maker Volvo has said it would only make fully electric or hybrid cars from 2019 onwards, a decision hailed as the beginning of the end for the internal combustion engine’s dominance of motor transport after more than a century.

According to a recent Bloomberg report the Electric Vehicle revolution is going to hit the car market even harder and faster than predicted just a year ago. EVs are on track to accelerate to 54% of new car sales by 2040. Tumbling battery prices mean that EVs will have lower lifetime costs, and will be cheaper to buy, than internal combustion engine (ICE) cars in most countries by 2025-29.

The future is electric and we are proud to be a part of it.

The Future Is Electric

Why Buy An Electric Car?


The rollout of electric vehicles is picking up pace across the globe as more and more drivers switch their fossil fuelled cars for new, electric-powered alternatives. So should you make the switch?

Electric Vehicle Model Guide


Our brand by brand guide to the range of Electric Vehicles that are currently for sale in Australia and new models due to be released soon. 

Electric Motorsport Events


Exciting times in the world of electric motorsport with more manufacturers than ever before in the new racing formula for the 21st century, Formula E .

Latest News From The World Of Electric Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz to invest $1 billion to build electric vehicles and batteries in the USA

Mercedes-Benz  have announced today they are going to invest $1 billion to build electric vehicles and batteries at their plant in Alabama, USA. This is a strategic move by Mercedes-Benz to start production of electric passenger cars in the USA as part of its worldwide electric initiative. With President Donald Trump’s bid to curb imports…
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Mitsubishi e-Evolution – A “very high performance” 4WD EV concept

Mitsubishi Motors have released a teaser image and a few details about an exciting new “very high performance” EV concept car to be released at the Tokyo Motor Show next month. After the recent announcement of the Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors Alliance 2022 plan, which intends to launch 12 pure electric vehicles by 2022,…
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China plans to ban petrol & diesel vehicles but is it for environmental or economic reasons?

In an interesting article published in the Los Angeles Times recently there was different take on China’s plan to ban new vehicles powered by petrol and diesel engines. The plan was announced by Xin Guobin, the country’s industry and information technology vice minister, who said that China will set a deadline for carmakers to stop…
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BYD expands Electric Bus Fleet to Brisbane Airport

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD recently announced the expansion of its fleet of pure electric buses to Brisbane airport after its successful launch at Australia’s busiest airport in Sydney. The fleet of eleven 12-meter BYD electric buses will be fully operational in February 2018 as a shuttle service between the airport’s domestic and international terminals.…
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The Audi Elaine concept – The future of Audi EV’s.

Audi launched two new EV concepts at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show the Aicon and the Elaine. Perhaps the more relevant of the two, in terms of what we will actually be able to drive fairly soon, is the Elaine so lets take a closer look. The Audi Elaine appears to be very similar in…
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The SYMBIOZ EV concept- Renault’s vision of how mobility might evolve

One of the more futuristic concept electric vehicles released at the Frankfurt Motor Show was the SYMBIOZ which is Renault’s vision of how mobility might evolve in years to come. “The way we use our cars is changing. Already a car is more than just a way to get from one place to another. Full…
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