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Interview with Stefan Weckbach head of EVs at Porsche on e-mobility strategies & development efforts

An interview with Stefan Weckbach, Head of BEV at Porsche (Battery Electric Vehicles) on e-mobility strategies, the development efforts of the sports car manufacturer and the search for future mobility’s sound and soul. As well as expanding the hybrid vehicle classes, Porsche now wants to introduce a purely electric vehicle based on the Mission E…

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Porsche are set to thrive in the electric vehicle era according to their CFO

Luxury car manufacturer Porsche are confident they will overcome the “enormous burden” of electrifying their car range and will set the standard in e-mobility. In a recent interview with Auto News Europe Lutz Mescke, Porsches Chief Financial Officer, remains confident that they will continue to have a 15 percent operating margin profitability. This is despite…

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BMW, Daimler Benz, Ford & Volkswagen with Audi & Porsche form EV charging network joint venture

BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and the Volkswagen Group have announced a new joint venture called IONITY. It will build a Pan-European High-Power-Charging (HPC) Network for electric vehicles. IONITY will build and operate about 400 fast charging stations across European major road networks by 2020. They intend to open at least 20 stations…

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Formula 1 driver Mark Webber and the Porsche Mission E

Thomas Edison was a founder and inventor, but also a visionary. His name is synonymous with some truly epochal changes in the fields of electricity generation and distribution. His list of achievements includes the light bulb, the electricity meter, the rechargeable galvanic cell and many other creations.  And right back at the beginning of the…

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