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Polestar, Volvo & Geely’s performance EV brand, open their new manufacturing facility

The first customers for the Polestar 1 have started the process of confirming their cars final specification as the Electric Performance Hybrid takes the final steps towards production. This landmark moment comes as the bespoke new Polestar Production Centre in Chengdu, China, is currently producing tooling try-out cars (TT) which are the final prototype vehicles…

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Volvo’s performance brand Polestar have been testing their Polestar 1 EV prototype in the Arctic Circle

Volvo’s performance brand Polestar have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from test drivers and engineers, who recently spent two weeks north of the Article Circle for a rigorous shakedown with the first running Polestar 1 prototype – in temperatures as low as -28 degrees Celsius. The intense winter test drive is designed to examine and fine-tune…

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Polestar, Volvo’s performance brand, announce 600hp Polestar 1 to be sold online by monthly subscription

Polestar, Volvo Car Group’s performance brand, has set out its future as a new standalone electric performance brand. Polestar plans three models, a new purpose-built production facility in China and a customer-focussed route to market that will set a new industry benchmark for performance vehicles. The 600hp Polestar 1 is the company’s first car which…

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