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The top selling Fiat Ducato to go fully electric with a BEV version available next year

A completely electric version of the top selling Fiat Ducato will be available in 2020.

The Fiat Ducato has been the European market leader for the last five years, as well as the leading vehicle as a base for motorhomes in Europe, with approximately three in every four motorhomes sold are based on the Fiat Ducato.

Fiat Professional will for the first time offer a full electric version of the Ducato, which will be available to pre-order later this year. This version will start with a pilot scheme working with major clients to better grasp the specific need of customer requirements. This innovative pilot project should offer no trade-off in terms of load and performance.

The Ducato will be the first fully-electric Fiat Professional model, designed and developed by the FCA Group.

Credit: Fiat Chrysler