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Australian EV charger manufacturer Tritium supplies fast chargers for Europes UNIT-E fast-charging network

Tritium, the Australian-based technology company and leading international specialist in developing infrastructure solutions for the electric vehicle (EV) market, has supplied all the fast chargers for the Belgium stage of the European Union’s UNIT-E fast-charging network.

The Belgium phase of the project, led by major energy supplier, EDF Luminus, has seen the installation of 25 Tritium Veefil-RT 50kW fast chargers across the country, completing a fast charging corridor connecting France, Belgium and Netherlands. All the Veefil-RT chargers are positioned along the Belgium motorway system, linking the country’s major cities.


“We have liaised closely with EDF Luminus to tailor our world-class technology to meet their particular specifications,” explains Tritium’s European Sales Manager, Manuel Fernandes. “The Veefil-RTs on the UNIT-3 network will be easy to use and accessible to all drivers – they support DC CHAdeMO & CCS (Combined Charging System) and AC Modes-3 Type-2 standards, can charge two vehicles at the same time and accept all charging passes. Drivers can expect to charge 80 per cent of their battery in just 30 minutes.”



The UNIT-E project is co-financed by the European Union through the Connecting Europe Facility programme, established to support the construction and modernisation of transport infrastructure across the EU. It set out to identify and fill gaps in the existing European charging network to support drivers to make seamless electric journeys.

The project’s aim is to make it feasible for electric car drivers to travel from Scotland to Genoa in Italy or Brussels in Belgium, using public charging to support their journeys.

Credit: Tritium