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Amazon commits to buying 100,000 new fully electric vans from Rivian over next 5 years

In their bid to be carbon neutral by 2040 Amazon have committed to buying 100,00 new fully electric vans from EV startup Rivian.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said the first electric delivery vans for Amazon will be on the road by 2021, and all 100,000 will be deployed by 2024. A Rivian spokeswoman said 10,000 of the vehicles for Amazon will be on the road by late 2022.

Amazon’s senior vice president for operations Dave Clark confirmed this on Twitter.


Rivian recently announced they had received an investment of $350 million from global automotive services company Cox Automotive. This partnership marks Rivian’s third investment announcement of 2019, following a $700 million investment round in February led by Amazon, and in April, a $500 million investment from Ford Motor Company.