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Diesel engine company Cummins buys Brammo to boost efforts to become a global electrified power leader.

Diesel engine manufacturer Cummins has announced that it is acquiring the assets of Brammo, Inc., which designs and develops battery packs for mobile and stationary applications. Adding Brammo’s battery pack expertise and resources is an important milestone in Cummins’ efforts to become a global electrified power leader.

Founded in 2002, Brammo has made great strides in developing electric energy storage technology for mobile and stationary applications. Brammo’s experience with building high performance cars, coupled with its research of electric drivetrains and battery technology led the company produce a light weight electric motorcycle.

Brammo motorcycles have gone on to be sold successfully worldwide and have competed successfully in many international motorcycle racing events including on the Isle Of Man. In 2015 Brammo’s motorcycle division was sold to Polaris to enable the company to focus on the continued development of its EV technologies to serve a broad range of vehicle OEMs.


“To be a leading provider of electrified power systems just as we are with diesel and natural gas driven powertrains, we must own key elements and subsystems of the electrification network,” said Tom Linebarger, Chairman and CEO, Cummins Inc.

“By adding the expertise of Brammo and its employees to Cummins, we are taking a step forward in our electrification business and differentiating ourselves from our competition. As always, when markets are ready, Cummins will bring our customers the right power solution at the right time to power their success.” Linebarger said.

Operations from this acquisition will report under Cummins’ recently formed Electrification Business led by Julie Furber, Executive Director of Electrification at Cummins, and will continue to be based in Talent, Oregon.

“Brammo’s expertise across a broad range of applications uniquely positions us to enhance Cummins’ efforts to be a leader in the electrified power space,” said Craig Bramscher, Chairman and CEO of Brammo. “We see this as a very exciting opportunity to continue changing the way the world moves and stores power.”

This acquisition adds to Cummins’ portfolio and provides another entry point into new electric powered markets. In August, Cummins revealed a fully electric heavy duty demonstration Urban Hauler Tractor.


Source: Cummins-Brammo