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Car Australia?

Formula 1 driver Mark Webber and the Porsche Mission E

Thomas Edison was a founder and inventor, but also a visionary. His name is synonymous with some truly epochal changes in the fields of electricity generation and distribution. His list of achievements includes the light bulb, the electricity meter, the rechargeable galvanic cell and many other creations.  And right back at the beginning of the 20th century, he even drove an electric car!

German publishing house Handelsblatt  is releasing a new magazine called “Edison”, featuring content that follows the vision of this great inventor. One focus area in its reports will be to present new products and services relating to mobility and the energy supply of the future. It will discuss and test new vehicles and energy solutions.

The first edition will be released on September 8 and the cover will feature ex-Formula 1 driver Mark Webber and the Porsche Mission E. As the first purely electric Porsche, its “E-Performance” concept combines strong driving performance with a high degree of everyday usability.

At the photoshoot, Mark Webber talked about the Porsche of the future and the relationship between motorsport and the development of new technologies. Here are a few things that Mark had to say:-

“Generation E is something we have to embrace. I must say that all the race drivers are blown away by the electric side and when it’s on the electric cars like the Mission E project it will be second to none. When an industry is accepting new technology like e-mobility the race is on and we will find some very special and unique options going forward that we can use every single day on the road.”

Watch the interview with Mark :-


Content courtesy of Porsche