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General Motors CEO confirms plans for Electric Pickup Truck to take on Ford, Rivian & Tesla

Just days after the announcement of Fords $500 million USD investment in EV start up Rivian, General Motors has now announced it would also develop an all electrified pickup truck.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra confirmed plans for an all-electric full-size truck during Tuesday’s quarterly financial results call to investors. Barra said that electric “full-size pickups” are in the future plans for the automaker although no further details were provided. The EV truck could be badged either Chevrolet or GMC.

What we do know is that the Chevrolet Silverado’s executive chief engineer, Tim Herrick, said at their launch in 2018 that the latest-generation Silverado and Sierra are already future-proof in that both pick ups were designed with an alternative power source in mind.

 Credit: GMC