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Elon Musk tweets a promise to build a Tesla Pickup Truck larger than the Ford F150

You would think that Tesla have enough on their plate with the Model 3 “production hell” plus the development of the Tesla Semi Truck and Roadster but Elon Musk is still planning ahead.

In a tweet exchange over the Christmas holiday Musk said he is “dying to build it,” and went on to say that it’ll  be slightly larger than the Ford F-150 pickup. “To account for a really gamechanging (I think) features I’d like to add,” said Musk.



During the announcement of the Semi, Tesla did show a rendering of a potential pickup truck design which you can see in the feature image above.

To be a successful car manufacturer in the USA you need a pick up truck in your range as they are the best selling vehicles there. Competition like the Workhorse Group who already have a working prototype and $300 million is pre orders are already positioning for that space and who knows what the old school car companies are developing.

In our opinion a pick up truck is certainly something that Tesla need in their range as the benefits to potential users are enormous but we do remain concerned that they could overreach themselves and that could be catastrophic for the company.