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The MINI Electric - Coming in 2019

Ahead of their release of an all-electric series-production model in 2019 Mini have released details of their new MINI Electric Concept. Designed for use in urban areas, this concept car offers a preview into how MINI and the BMW Group think pure-electric day-to-day mobility might look in the not to distant future.

It has been nearly ten years since MINI took a significant, pioneering step with the MINI E – and laid the foundations at the BMW Group for the development of electric mobility solutions to production readiness.

The MINI E unveiled in 2008 was the first all-electric car from the BMW Group to be driven by private users in everyday traffic conditions – as part of an extensive field trial. Over 600 MINI E cars entered service worldwide for the purpose of the field studies. All of them helped to gain vital insights into the use of pure-electric vehicles, and this knowledge was subsequently incorporated into the development of the BMW i3.

The MINI Electric Concept brings the iconic design, city-dwelling heritage and customary go-kart feeling of the MINI brand into the electric mobility age.